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"I can say that the episode is going to be crazy and that somebody will die. Somebody significant to the story who’s been there from the very beginning will die. They won’t come back.. they’re dead, dead. Like really dead. It’s really crazy."

Janel Parrish (via spencexhastings)


i was like “psssh mona isn’t dead because there is no body!1!!!”

and then that trunk opened and i cried

"Since we revealed Alison was alive, the ‘Emison’ fans have been outspoken. A bulk of the audience really embraces that couple. I wasn’t surprised by how vocal and how many of those shippers there are. Emily and Alison’s dynamic is one of the most emotionally complex relationships in the show."

Marlene King. [x] (via stonerclone)


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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it